Meet the Dean

A Message from the Dean

Greetings from Tuck, where we have just welcomed the talented class of 2021 to campus for an expanded and enhanced orientation program that will help set the stage for their two years with us.

This new program, Tuck Launch, is designed to ensure students have an even richer and more vibrant start to their Tuck MBA experience, and is just one of many exciting developments across the school that have infused our community with a sense of energy and optimism as we near the start of another academic year.

In the classroom, important refinements to our comprehensive first-year core curriculum, have laid the groundwork for a more rewarding learning experience for students while creating a process for ongoing innovations. Exciting changes to Tuck’s academic leadership and to Admissions and Career Services—departments that are integral to the student journey—have further positioned our school for success.

We are also inspired by our progress with . To date we have raised $183.6 million toward our goal of $250 million in support of Tuck’s people, programs, and places—including the near-record $43.4 million alumni and friends contributed to Tuck in fiscal year 2019.

At Tuck we continually look for ways to build on the strengths of our already highly productive faculty, and I am thrilled with the progress we are making in expanding our research profile and presence and building a dynamic faculty of the future.

Faculty hiring has been a particularly successful area for us. In the last 12 months, across our academic groups we added nine tenure and tenure-track faculty at a range of career stages. This year we were also excited to have the largest cohort of talented faculty in school history join the ranks of our acclaimed full professors. Their work in creating rigorous and relevant new knowledge明升体育-Nba直播 and bringing these ideas to life for students in the classroom—both in our foundational first-year core curriculum and in leading-edge elective courses—is vital to our mission, and we are delighted to see them recognized this way.

Awards are yet another powerful form of recognition for our faculty, and on this front, with several Tuck faculty members receiving multiple awards for their scholarly work. Among them was and a renowned expert in channel marketing, who garnered praise from her peers for three path-breaking papers. While seldom the end goal, such accolades demonstrate the quality and impact of Tuck faculty scholarship and are a tangible reminder of the reach of our thriving research program.

So too are the many conferences, seminars, and workshops that bring leading scholars to campus to engage in enriching dialogue and interaction. ’s recent workshop, “Judgment in Managerial Decision Making,” is a wonderful example of how these events contribute to the vibrancy of our learning community. For two days in May, Dan convened researchers from across the country and hosted illuminating discussions on topics that ranging from the effects of phantom anchors in negotiation to civic honesty across the globe. Our marketing group’s multi-themed research “camps” similarly bring together a critical mass of thinkers from across the discipline—sparking unexpected new connections and strengthening the collective impact of their ideas.

These and other developments all contribute to the powerful momentum we feel at Tuck today and are carrying confidently into the future.


Matthew J. Slaughter
The Paul Danos Dean
Tuck School of Business


Video—Dean Slaughter: The World Yearns for Inspiring Leaders

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